[wide]936full dead mans shoes screenshot | WarpFilms10[/wide] Back in 2002, Warp Film’s first release was Chris Morris’ short film My Wrongs#8245-8249 & 117, which won a BAFTA in 2003. Their début feature, Shane Meadow’s Dead Man’s Shoes, came along in 2004 and they’ve never looked back. They’ve amassed an impressive back catalogue over he last decade including Submarine, Tyrannosaur, This is England, Rubber Jonny, Kill List and Four Lions. Warp are arguably the driving force in British film innovation, and to celebrate their 10th birthday, some special events are taking place around Sheffield.

WarpFilms10 – Magna – 17th November

Dead Man’s Shoes is probably Warp’s seminal film and the one which announced them as a major player in the British Film Industry. To celebrate a decade in the business, there will be a live re-scoring by Gavin Clark, Joel Cadbury, Ali Friend (Clayhill), Jah Wobble, Ted Barnes, Marc Layton-Bennett & Helen Boulding.

The screening is followed by:

All-Night Warp Films Cinema – screenings from Warp Films’ back catalogue;

DJ sets from Andrew Weatherall, Tom Ravenscroft & Pablo Clements; and

7×7 DJ Sets from Warp Film Directors and Actors including Shane Meadows, Vicky McClure, Justin Kurzel and many more.


Screenings at the Showroom Cinema – 3rd-9th November

Alongside a This is England marathon, there will be Q&As and screenings of three of Warp’s best-loved films: Submarine, Tyrannosaur and Bunny and The Bull. There will also be a screening of a collection of Warp’s best Shorts. Pete McKee will put his unique spin on 10 Warp Film posters in and exhibition held in the Showroom Bar.


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