Tramlines: Preview

[wide]tram | Tramlines: Preview[/wide]Tramlines has greatly expanded this year hosting live music across 70 + venues. There is a lot on offer this year, with a great mix of local talent and the best of what’s around.

Nedry – New Music Stage – Saturday
Nedry are a London trio who use dubstep as a base to explore strange and unchartered worlds.   They really have no direct comparison, but enter territories scouted by the likes of Burial and The XX, moulding, folding and manipulating all they see.  A glitch filled spiral of pixelated wonder.  This is the future.

Algiers – The Showroom –Friday; The Bowery – Saturday
Out of the ashes of Dartz and The Maple State something very exciting is happening.  Although, only in the early stages of their evolution, they are showing signs of what is yet to come.

Islet – The Harley – Friday
It’s hard to really describe this elusive Welsh pack of interchangeable noise-makers. They merge together in one collective sound box of movement and vibration. Live, they have few peers.  Watching Islet is like learning a trade and experiencing an epiphany.

Captives on the Carousel – The Folk Forest (Endcliffe Park) – Sunday
Sheffield has a number of really exciting folk bands at the moment. Captives on the Carousel are one of my favourites.   Although you may know Ben and Sarah best from their work with 7 Black Tentacles, as a duo, they work perfectly together.

Tellison – The Leadmill – Friday
It has been four long years since their debut album, but thankfully they have all completed their studies and are back with a vengeance.  Their new album, Wages of Fear, is a remarkable piece of work and seems set to see them propelled into the mainstream.

Starlings – The Foundry (Sheffield University) – Saturday
Mixing Sheffield’s rich musical traditions with the Balearic sound of the likes of Foals, Starlings are on to a real winner.  It’s a catchy and unique sound which embodies Sheffield past and future.

Stalking Horse – The Harley – Friday
Ex The Et Al singer Wu’s latest project Stalking Horse combines a plethora of instruments with Eraser-esqe vocal arrangements.  Beautiful, flowing arrangements, that works on every level.

Kid Conventional – The West End & The Fox and Duck – Sunday
Jack Weston is a very talented lad with a voice way beyond his years.  He produces stripped down, lyrically driven songs which are full of emotional intensity and gentle wonder.

Elk – The Showroom – Friday
Signed to the Audacious Art Project, Elk are starting to generate some buzz with the release of their First Love EP.  Despite being scattered across the UK, the trio manage to find time to produce a brand of infectious anti-pop and play the odd date or two.

Chloe-Jade Simmons – The Lescar & Henry’s Bar – Friday
Not only is Chloe-Jade Simmons blessed with a beautiful voice, she also has the ability to write a damn good tune.  She has a wonderful vocal range and talent well beyond her years.

Milk Maid – The Bowery – Saturday
Take a large portion of c-86 sentiment; mix it with a soupcon on fuzz. Add a sprinkling of lo-fi haze and simmer gently.  Serve while hot with a side portion of garage and enjoy with friends.

Seize the Chair – O2 Academy – Sheffield
Seize the Chair have a big sound. Their songs are polished and fresh, and they always put on a great show.   They are one of Sheffield’s most talented and promising bands.  Guaranteed to get the party started.

And don’t forget to check out the Buskers Bus.

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