The Underground Rebel Bingo Club

[wide]urbbanner | The Underground Rebel Bingo Club[/wide]Bingo tends to be about legs eleven, two fat ladies and a dancing queen well if you add a hint of danger, a thumping baseline and a bit of nakedness in a secret location then you’re half way to being in the Underground Rebel Bingo Club.

Hitting Sheffield on the 7th February and Leeds on the 9th expect the unexpected in this club; it’s a night like no other all for the sake of bingo: mark your card, mark each other, shout a lot and dance until the sun comes up.

No one quite knows what goes on here expect mayhem and debauchery but the rules are simple: if you don’t like drinking, dancing, loud music and shouting don’t come. We’re not allowed to say any more, if we did we wouldn’t be allowed to play, but ssshh, here’s a few photo’s that may give you a clue:

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