Sloucher: ‘Nobody Wanted Us’ gig but then it’s ‘our birthday’ night

Poster washington | Sloucher: ‘Nobody Wanted Us’ gig but then it’s ‘our birthday’ nightApril 13th – The Washington, Sheffield
May 17th – The Harley, Sheffield

Our lovely friends at Sloucher magazine are putting on the first of a predicted many live music nights.

Get ready to get busy in the Washy on a school night, oh yes a midweek treat for you all, Sloucher has three local acts in the form of Goodbye Good, Firesuite and The Unfortunate Incident. It’ll be loud, it’ll be quirky and there will be trumpets. Fun for all I am sure you’ll agree (and if not pop along and let them know).

Though being Sloucher and they do like to differently they’ve also added a second gig to the diary, pencil in May 17th as it’s their second birthday, bless them. I’m told there will be balloons, jelly and ice cream and gin. Gin as it’s being held at the Harley and everyone knows that they’re full of music and gin! There will also be  music from The Unfortunate Incident (again), The Hope Explosion and Love at Death Beach.

For more information check it out

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