Showroom Cinema: March Preview

[wide]onceuptonatime | Showroom Cinema: March Preview[/wide]After a couple of busy months packed with American award nominees, normal service is resumed.

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

Joint winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes last year, Nuri Bilge Ceylan follows up the success of Uzak and Three Monkeys with a metaphysical road movie.  Once Upon a Time in Anatolia follows an unlikely group of men (including a doctor, a police commissioner, a prosecutor, and a murder suspect) as they drive through the Anatolian steppes trying to locate a body during one long night.  As tensions mount, the group begin to unravel revealing their own secrets and dark sides.

“A metaphysical road movie about life, death and the limits of knowledge… a police investigation that, as miles and words mount, evolves into a plangent, visually stunning meditation on what it is to be human.” – New York Times

“…a subtle, gorgeous and mysterious allegory that may be [director Nuri Bilge] Ceylan’s masterwork to date…. like a mini-voyage into Turkey’s inaccessible past, a vision of almost religious intensity that is redolent with possible meanings but never explained.”  – Salon

The Kid with a Bike

 The Kid with a Bike is the story of a 12 year old boy who is determined to find the father who left him.  By way of a chance meeting with a local hairdresser, Samantha, he is able to spend his weekends outside of the children’s home and experience a love he’s never known. Joint winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes 2011 and nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Golden Globes.

“…immensely satisfying — not least in its commitment to a child protagonist whose near-feral intensity and unthinking ingratitude make him the polar opposite of cute.” – LA Weekly

“An edge-of-your-seat emotional roller-coaster ride about ordinary people in a nondescript neighborhood, it’s sometimes terrifying, often heart-rending and completely worth it.” – Salon

In Darkness

Based on a true story, In Darkness is the new film from acclaimed director Agnieszka Holland. The film follows Socha, who despite being anti-Semitic, hides a group of Jews in the sewers in an occupied Polish city for money.  As suspicions mount and the war takes a turn for the worse, Socha finds himself putting his family increasingly at risk, whilst adopting a new one.

“…wrenching… you feel the constriction and the disgust of the life below, but director Agnieszka Holland, pacing the film well, knows when to come up for air. Each time she does, the daylight seems like a benediction.”  – New Yorker


Egyptian Spring Film Season – Three films charting the revolution in Egypt last year and documenting modern life in the country. Includes Cairo 678; the debut directional feature of leading screenwriter Mohamed Diab, who will be on hand for a Q&A after the screening.

L’Atalante – Jean Virgo’s only full-length feature and widely considered a masterpiece is still as vivid today as it was on its release.  This is a wonderful opportunity to see such an iconic film on the big screen.

Trishna – Michael Winterbottom’s take on Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Ubervilles, relocating the action to India.

Carancho – Argentina’s official selection for the Oscars, Carancho, stars Ricardo Darín who seems to be making his name playing tough men with just enough decency. A stormy romance set in the corrupt world of insurance claims.

La Grande Illusion – 75th anniversary digital restoration of La Grande Illusion. Renoir’s masterpiece addresses the futility of war through the viewpoint of a group of prisoners.

Into the Abyss – Werner Herzog put his own inimical take on the subject of capital punishment.  A satellite Q&A with the director follows the screening.

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