Showroom Cinema: June Preview

June sees one of the highlights of the Sheffield calendar taking place at the Showroom. Sheffield Doc/Fest is back again, bigger and better than before. For further information please visit

But the show goes on at normal at Sheffield’s Independent Cinema:


The release of a new David Cronenberg film is always a happy event. The man who brought us Videodrome, Rabid, Naked Lunch and Crash appears to have been gravitating towards the mainstream of late. Conversely, the star of Cosmopolis, Robert Pattinson seems to be going to great lengths to shake off his Twilight teen heartthrob tag. I’ve watched the trailer several times now and I haven’t a clue what’s going on; this can only be a good sign as Cronenberg is in his element when he’s pushing boundaries. Unsurprisingly, Pattinson doesn’t manage to keep his clothes on.

Monsieur Lazar

When an Algerian immigrant is appointed to replace a popular teacher who has committed suicide, he has to deal withhis schoolchildren’s grief whilst coming to terms with his own loss. Based in Montreal, Monsieur Lazar was nominated for an Academy Award this year, carrying on a strong tradition of French Language films, such as Le Harve, which deals with loss and being a fish out of water

“…as simple as sunlight, yet as difficult as forgiveness.” – Toronto Star

“…beautifully restrained… the story works in its themes so quietly and artfully that a hug registers as a genuinely defiant gesture.” – New York Post

A Royal Affair

I like nothing better than a good period drama, and A Royal Affair promises to be a lot more than that. It’s an 18th Century love story about a young queen who marries a king only to discover that he is deranged. She falls in love with his physician and together their actions looks set to change a nation forever.

Also worth checking out:

Faust – Aleksandr Sokurov, director of The Sun and Russian Ark, tackles Goethe’s play about a man who sells his soul to the devil.

The Turin Horse – A black and white epic about a farmer who has to face the mortality of his faithful horse. Expect lots of potato action.

Two Years at Sea – A documentary, filmed on a 16mm camera, follows the everyday life of a Scottish hermit.

Juan of the Dead – The first ever Cuba Zombie movie starring the eponymous hero, who turns a zombie outbreak in Havana into a money making scheme.

Even the Rain – A director struggles make a film to overturn the myth about Christopher Columbus in Bolivia. At the same time, the local people rise up against plans to privatise the water supply.

Passport to Pimlico – I’ve always loved the Ealing Comedies and Passport to Pimlico is one of my favourites. After a bomb crater reveals an ancient charter, the residents of Pimlico declare independence as free citizens of Burgundy.

For further information visit the Showroom’s website

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