Showroom Cinema – February Preview

[wide]lore sf29 | Showroom Cinema   February Preview[/wide] The Oscars are just round the corner (or gone depending on when you’re reading this) and a few nominees are coming up for you at the Showroom this month.


After the German army collapses in 1945, five children embark on a journey which will challenge every notion they have of family, love and friendship. Lore is the new film from the director of the wonderful Somersault, Cate Shortland


After his great performance (or actually chronologically before) in Rust and Bone, Matthias Schoenaerts stars in this tale of a steroid-addled young cattle farmer who makes a shady deal with the Belgium bovine mafia. When a federal investigator is assassinated, he must confront his demons and face the far-reaching consequences of his decisions. Bullhead is nominated for an Oscar as Best Foreign Language Film.

“…confident and accomplished, punch-in-the-gut debut by Michael R. Roskam… gets much of its ferocity from the compelling performance of Matthias Schoenaerts…” – LA Times


When Daniel Day-Lewis was cast to star as one of America’s greatest ever figures, there were more than a few eyebrows raised. However, Day-Lewis more than pulled it off; being nominated in the Best Actor category as well as the film making the list for the main prize. Steven Spielberg is also up for Best Director.

“…austere, engrossing… less a biopic than a beautiful celebration of the democratic process.” – New York Daily News


Gael García Bernal stars as a cynical advertising executive who is hired to spearhead the “No” campaign against Pinochet in the 1988 Chilean referendum. Also nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film, Pablo Larraín takes the helm.

Also check out:

Wreck-it Ralph – A video game villain sets out to fulfil his dream of being a hero, but his quest brings havoc to the whole arcade where he lives.

Chinatown – Roman Polanski’s classic film noir gets another welcome run on the big screen.

Indie Game: The Movie – Follow of indie game developers as they create games and release those works, and themselves, to the world.

I Wish – 12-year-old Koichi, who has been separated from his brother due to his parents’ divorce, begins to believe that the new bullet train service will create a miracle that will re-united the family.

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp – Showing as part of the Showroom’s Powell & Pressburger at war film season.

Fire & Blood (plus Q&A) – An intricate tale of ‘medicine, monopoly and malice’, Fire in the Blood tells the story of how Western pharmaceutical companies and governments aggressively blocked access to low-cost AIDS drugs for the countries of Africa and the global South.

To The Wonder – Terrance Malick is back, and this time he has a story.


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