Showroom Cinema: April Preview

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Life in a middle-class neighbourhood in present day Brazil takes an unexpected turn after the arrival of an independent private security firm. The presence of these men brings a sense of safety and a good deal of anxiety to a culture which runs on fear.

“…revelatory… its ambitions are enormous… it accomplishes nothing less than the illumination of the peculiar state of Brazilian (and not only Brazilian) society.” – NY Times

“…isn’t merely the best new movie I’ve seen this year; it may well be the best Brazilian movie since the 1970s…. a sharply observed portrait of today’s Brazil…” – NPR

In the House

The new film from François Ozon, the director of Potiche, Swimming Pool and 8 Women, In The House is a film follows a sixteen-year-old boy who insinuates himself into the house of a fellow student from his literature class and writes about it in essays for his French teacher. Faced with this gifted and unusual pupil, the teacher rediscovers his enthusiasm for his work, but the boy’s intrusion will unleash a series of uncontrollable event.

The Place Beyond the Pines

Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes & Ray Liotta star in this film about a motorcycle stunt performer who discovers he has a son when he tries to reconnect with his former lover. He gives up life on the road for his newfound family and takes a job as a car mechanic, whilst taking part in a string of spectacular bank robberies on the side.

Trance – Danny Boyle is back with the tale of a fine art auctioneer who gets involved with a bank job which goes awry when a knock on the head deprives him of his memory. Stars James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassell.

Good Vibrations – The true life story of Terri Hooley, a record-store owner instrumental in developing Belfast’s punk-rock scene.

Warm Bodies – A zombie Rom-Com with a difference which is based on the cult book of the same name.

The Late Quartet – Members of a world-renowned string quartet struggle to stay together in the face of death, competing egos and insuppressible lust. Starring Philip Seymour-Hoffman, Christopher Walken and Catherine Keener.

I am Nasrine – BAFTA award nominee I am Nasrine is a tale of self-discovery set in modern day Iran. There is a special Q&A with the director after the film.

Maniac – The owner of a mannequin shop develops a dangerous obsession with a young artist. Remake starring Elijah Wood.

Me and You – An introverted teenager tells his parents he going on a ski trip, but instead spends his time alone in a basement.

White Elephant – A gripping story of two maverick Catholic priests, a community worker and their desperate attempts to save the poverty stricken and warring factions of Buenos Aires’ infamous slum community from certain destruction.

Flying Blind – Frankie, an ambitious aerospace worker, finds her life changed after an affair with a man wanted by MI5.

How to Survive a Plague – Documentary about a ragtag group of mainly HIV sufferers who take on the drug industry. A great success at Doc/Fest last year and Oscar nominated.

The Look of Love – Steve Coogan leads an all-star British cast for this film about the life of Paul Raymond, the controversial entrepreneur who became Britain’s richest man.

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