Showroom Cinema – January Preview

2012 is set to be a classic year of film.  In preparation for the awards season, January sees the showcasing of some of the late hopefuls.

Heading the pack, and by far and away my most anticipated film of the month, is The Artist.  The entire concept of making a film that is not only in black and white, but also features no dialogue, is so idiosyncratic that it has to be French.  In this ode to the golden age of American film, we follow a charismatic silent movie star as he tries to come to terms with the advent of talkies and the resultant end of his career.  He falls for a young starlet who views the cinematic breakthrough as her big chance.  Jean Dujardin and Michel Hazanavicius have been nominated for Golden Globes for best actor and director, and film is also up for the top prize.

“A bona fide classic. You won’t get the smile off your face all the way home.” –Little White Lies

“”The Artist” is the wonder of the age, as much a miracle as “Avatar,” though it comes at things from the totally opposite direction.” LA Times

Hot on its heels is award winning director Steve McQueens’s new film, Shame. Michael Fassbender has also been nominated for a Golden Globe as best actor for his betrayal of a man trying to balance a hectic work and social life, whilst wrestling with a sex addiction. His sister, Carey Mulligan, arrives and his life starts to spiral out of control.  On Tuesday 10th The Showroom has a special preview screening featuring a live satellite Q&A with the writer, director and lead actor.

“This is a great act of filmmaking and acting. I don’t believe I would be able to see it twice.” – Roger Erbert

“This is a psychologically claustrophobic film that strips its characters bare literally and figuratively, leaving them, and us, nowhere to hide.” – LA Times

Also highly anticipated:

Margin Call – Kevin Spacey leads a star-studded cast in a thriller centred around a 24 hour period at an investment firm at the start of the 2008 financial crisis.

Oslo, 31. August – A Norwegian film following a day in the life of Anders, a recovering drug addict, as he takes a brief leave from a treatment centre.

The Descendents – The Director of Sideways, Alexander Payne, cast George Clooney as the father of two girls who has to come to terms with the loss of his wife. This tragic-comic tale has also been nominated for the triple at the Golden Globes.

Margaret – Anna Paquin plays a 17 year-old New York high school student who inadvertently plays a role in a traffic accident which claims a woman’s life.  This much troubled film follows her as she tries to set things right, and is getting some excellent reviews.

Coriolanus – Ralph Fiennes plays Shakespeare’s eponymous hero who, after he is banished from Rome, allies with a sworn enemy to take his revenge on the city.

There are two great films playing at Cult Tuesdays this month.  Dance Magic Dance?  Oh yes, it’s the classic 80’s (big) children’s movie Labyrinth.  David Lynch’s ode to the Wizard of Oz, Wild at Heart also has a rare cinematic screening.

If you’re after something a bit different to do for New Year’s Eve, the Showroom has a special advanced preview of The Descendants followed by a Hawaiian themed party.  Visit their website for details of this and all other January happenings.

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