Sheffield Theatre Preview: November

[wide]560x373.fitandcrop 1 | Sheffield Theatre Preview: November[/wide] Love Your Soldiers – Studio – 31st October-23rd November

Two soldiers, one girl – A nest of betrayal.

When those you love are halfway across the world, how impossible is it to tell the truth? Associate Director Richard Wilson directs the world première of this intensely moving drama.

Royal Flush – Lantern Theatre – 2nd November

1882. After years of inspiration, innovation and occasional idiocy, Yorkshireman Thomas Crapper has secured the commission to provide toilets for Her Majesty Queen Victoria…

2012. An old people’s home in Crapper’s hometown of Thorne, where Joe is preparing the “thrones” for a very special Diamond Jubilee visit. Will he be ready?

Lizzy, Darcy and Jane – Lantern Theatre 8th November

In celebration of Pride and Prejudice’s 200th anniversary, critically acclaimed MadCap Theatre productions return this Autumn to bring you Joanna Norland’s ‘Lizzy, Darcy and Jane’ in which Jane Austen must pit her wits and will against the intrepid heroine of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet.

Travels With My Aunt – Drama Studios – 30th October-2nd November

Adapted from Graham Green’s novel, Henry has no idea of the whirlwind adventures ahead when his long-lost, septuagenarian aunt persuades him to accompany her on her travels.

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