Sheffield Theatre Preview: April

[wide]sexl | Sheffield Theatre Preview: April[/wide] The 39 Steps – Lyceum – 2nd-6th April

Direct from the West End and based on the Hitchcock film/Buchan book of the same name, The 39 Steps brilliantly and hilariously recreated as the smash hit Olivier Award Winning Best New Comedy. Four fearless actors, 139 roles and 100 minutes of fast-paced fun and thrilling action.

Thrasher – Lantern Theatre – 5th/6th April

Lee and Jenny are in a relationship being ground down and torn apart by debt. While Jenny (in all innocence) has started a home massage business and is nervously awaiting Frank, her first customer, Lee has embroiled himself in a mess of drugs and betrayal as he stumbles into a misguided business deal. The dysfunctional and sadistic relationship between Colin and Vic draws in Lee as well as Vic’s best friend, Chloe. As morning approaches, all six are led to decisions that will dramatically affect the rest of their lives.

A Clockwork Orange – Sheffield Drama Studio – 10th-13th April

SUTCO’s adaptation of Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange chronicles the hedonistic ‘ultra-violence’ of Alex and his ‘droogs’ who, in a dystopian, futuristic setting wage a constant battle against the adult world. The gang, energised by drink, drugs and Beethoven, roam the night fighting and raping as they go. This visceral stage adaption is a provocative exploration of violence in the human condition.

Tatty Del Are Making It Work – Lantern Theatre – 24th April

Following a failed attempt at a break-up in the Royal Festival Hall Cafe and a stint in Couples Counselling to work things out between them, Tatty-Del Are Making It Work tracks Natalie and Hana over one tumultuous year in their relationship as they learn about negotiating their roles in the double-act. A heartfelt celebration of the pleasures and the difficulties of friendship, the pair think back to the formative friendships of their pasts, explore the memories that they have of time spent together and chew over the distinct differences in how each party recollects them.

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