Sheffield Gig Selection 24th-30th October

[wide]Previews Banner1 | Sheffield Gig Selection 24th 30th October[/wide]Patrick Wolf & Cocknbullkid on Friday 28th October at Foundry, Sheffield University

The androgynous singer-songwriter has come a long way since his début album, Lycanthropy.  His music seems to be a barometer of his current state of mind.  Gone is the dark, brooding introspection of yore, to be replaced with bolder, lighter and more self-confident songs.  You could almost say that he isn’t unhappy anymore! His live performances are very intimate and personal, normally mixing in songs from throughout his career, utilising a range of instruments and accompaniment.

Patrick Wolf – Tristan

British Sea Power & Seize the Chair on Wednesday 26th October at The Leadmill

With over 10 years behind them and now 5 albums down, the Brighton-based four-piece have built up quite a following. Deploying almost heavenly indie rock sounds, often tending towards the epic, they are renowned for their live performances in weird and wonderful surroundings. Wednesday sees them playing a more traditional venue in the shape of The Leadmill.  Support comes from one of Sheffield’s most talented and promising bands, Seize the Chair.

Seize The Chair – You Who

The Lovely Eggs, Ace Bushy Striptease, The Sweet Nothings & Falling & Laughing on Wednesday 26th October at The Red House

The Lancaster duo return to Sheffield to perform on a strong bill at The Red House.  They have amassed a small but determined following and are the musical equivalent or Marmite – you’ll either love them or hate them. Ace Bushy Striptease are a rather pleasantly twee Birmingham version of Los Campesinos! The pretty marvellous Sweet Nothings and Falling & laughing complete the line-up.  If you like indie-pop, you should be here.

The Lovely Eggs – Don’t Look At Me (I Don’t Like It)

Seize The Chair, Best Friends & Man Made on Monday 24th October at SOYO

This week sees another very strong line-up this week down at SOYO.  Seize the Chair are one of the best bands around Sheffield, whilst Best Friends are arguably our leading proponents of surf-pop. I’d like to make a  special mention to Man Made.  I saw him at Tramlines and was very impressed.  Hopefully he’ll be wearing that gold sparkly jacket again.

Best Friends – Surf Bitches

The Travelling Band & Black Gold of the Sun on Monday 24th October at The Bowery

The Travelling Band are an alternative folk band from across the Pennines.  Famed for their energetic live performances, they have been described by Marc Riley as “If you consider the term Mancunian Americana to be an oxymoron try listening to The Travelling Band. Brilliant.”  Black Gold of the Sun are our very own rising stars of psychedelic folk.

 Black Gold of the Sun – Winter Sun

And if you want to do something a bit different this Halloween, The Washington is hosting 3 days of appropriate music.  The Deadbeat Club is free and will be hosting the like of Love at Death Beach, Empty Churches, Best Friends and obLONG.

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