Sheffield Gig Selection : 23rd April – 6th May

[wide]Previews Banner | Sheffield Gig Selection : 23rd April   6th May[/wide]There are lots of Sensoria gigs happening over the next week, along with several other impressive touring artists. I’ve separated them for ease. I strongly suggest you check out some of Sensoria events, its a brilliant festival of music, arts and film featuring some of Sheffield’s greatest talent.


On Monday 23rd, the free SOYO showcase sees the winners of the Exposed Best Unsigned Band award, Hot Soles, being joined by Elephant to support Some Velvet Morning.

Wednesday in the Upper Chapel is a Folk/Americana special with some of the city’s most talented artists coming together. The Payroll Union are joined by Black Gold of the Sun and Early Cartographers. They will be releasing their début album this summer and will be giving away 6 free songs over the next few weeks. Check out their website for more information:

The Payroll Union-Abigail

On Thursday, Death Rays of Ardilla provide the soundtrack to Japanese art-house classic and primal study of the human condition, Onibaba. This will take place in Sensoriaspace (Trafalgar House).

Kunst Kunst Kunst returns on Friday at Arundel Gate Court Studios. The line up includes Seize the Chair, Standout Riot & Avida Dollars. You can then party all night at DLS with Motor City vs Steel City, Detroit and Sheffield DJs go head to head.

On Saturday 28th, Michael Eden will be performing a free headphones gig in Debenhams/Moor shop units. Saturday night has another freebie at Bungalows with Rough Shag presenting Loveboat, The Blackbirds and Steel Trees. CADS has a audio-visual bonanza with wAVe including music from Zan Lyons and Blood Sport.

For further info check out and I believe all the events have Facebook pages.


On Thursday 26th Cate le Bon is playing at the Harley with support from H Hawkline.
Opus Acoustics are also putting on The Miserable Rich and Winky Thin for free at The Riverside.

Friday sees two amazing free gigs. Firstly Room on Fire present Tellison at the Frog and Parrot. And to top that, Bungalows and Bears ludicrously hosts the wonderful Niki & The Dove all the way from Sweden with support from Strangers and Enneka. And there’s also the little matter of Ryan Adams at the City Hall.

Niki and the Dove – DJ, Ease my Mind

May gets off to a bang with two of Sheffield’s best bands, Hey Sholay and The Crookes playing a Lastfm gig at the Harley for Free. Takes place on Tuesday 1st.

On Friday 4th May, all the way from New Zealand, Ladyhawke plays the Leadmill

Get your skates on for Rolled School on Saturday 5th May. Errors headline with support from 65daysofstatic’s Polinski, Ghosting Season, Novella & Proper Ornaments.

Novella-Don’t Believe Ayn Rand

Finally, it’s Foxtival on the Sunday with bands playing all day. Its free and features acts such as Young Peculiar, Ham Pocket and Kid Conventional.

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