Sheffield Gig Listings: 30th January – 12th February

[wide]Previews Banner1 | Sheffield Gig Listings: 30th January   12th February[/wide]It seems like winter is finally here…great! If you’re ready and willing to face the rain/sleet/slow* (*delete as appropriate) in order to find something to warm the cockles or simply on the search for some darn good music, then you’ve come to the right place.

SOYO as always hosts a heap of talent on a Monday night the 30th sees Famous Villains, Mantra Above The Spotless Moon Melt who are currently on their UK tour, Dan Williamson and Captives On The Carousel take to the stage.

Back with their third and cunningly titled The EP of Truth and Regret Low Duo play an intimate gig at The Great Gatsby on the 3rd February, support comes from Dan Williamson (he’s keeping himself busy at the moment!) and James Ewan Tait. Tickets are £5 and available from 

Feb 7th sees New Yorker Azealia Banks strut her stuff at The Plug. Expect swagger, rhyme and attitude embraced in a dance-type frenzy. One of 2011’s NME Cool Listers (no we don’t quite get what that means either) Banks has been hyped to the max, so make your way down as see if it all makes sense before she takes over the world and it’s only £7. 

A busy night on the 9th February, three gigs for your perusal, so much choice… Quiet Loner, Dan Raza and Greg Harrisburg are at The Greystones, Avida Dollars, Blue Lip Feel & Das Chip Shop head to Bungalows and Bears and The Washington plays host to Puzzles, Hail To The Eskimo and Rumblebird.

Avida Dollars 

Hagglers Corner gives us a three day event entitled Cupids With Nooses, an anti-Valentines weekend featuring Hot Soles, Cut a Shine, The Payroll Union and Drop the Bomb amongst others. Known as a place for creative’s expect something a little bit different with a community feel and may be one for those not feeling the Valentines tirade. The event runs from 10th-12th February

Drowned in Sound and the Harley Live take over Queens Social Club again on February 11th with The Twilight Sad taking centre stage on the release of their third studio album, No One Can Ever Know, support comes from Let’s Wrestle. 

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