Sheffield Art Preview: March

[wide]original2 | Sheffield Art Preview: March[/wide] Esther Johnson: Wireless Worlds – Sheffield Institute of Arts – 6th March – 21st April

Wireless Worlds presents a selection of work by artist and film-maker Esther Johnson. The main gallery will feature Analogue Kingdom, a poetic moving-image portrait of Gerald Wells, founder and curator of the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum.

In addition to Analogue Kingdom, Johnson will exhibit a selection of photography taken at the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum and items of analogue wireless technology.

Love in a Cold Climate – S1 Artspace – 9th March – 4th May

With coal seams beneath it and water running through, Sheffield has a surfeit of energy. Historically this energy has produced stainless steel and electro pop. Group exhibition, Love in a Cold Climate, reflects the latent energies within the city – both industrial and social.

Danny Abrahams – Heartbeat Gallery – 8th March – 11th May

Born in Bradford in the late 70’s, Danny took an interest in sketching and painting from an early age. As a true Yorkshire man, Danny has been influenced by the local beauty of the northern landscape and inspired by his many travels. Danny has a love for the surrounding environment, finding beauty in everyday images. Preferring to work with oil on canvas, he captures the many moods of the landscape. Inspiration for his work comes from everyday situations, whether it be staring through the window on a cold and wet evening or taking a stroll through the Dales on a summer’s day.

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