Resistanz Festival: Corporation, Sheffield – 7th and 8th April.

[wide]1095 page | Resistanz Festival: Corporation, Sheffield    7th and 8th April.[/wide]If you’re after something a little bit more alternative than an Easter egg, we’d suggest checking out the second ever Resistanz Festival at Corporation this weekend. A jam packed two dayer, which oozes industrial, electro and hardcore dance. It’s not for the faint hearted.

Last year Sheffield was packed with a variety of industrial aesthetics incorporating a cyberdelic dream, there were a variety of fashions, a heap of tunes and a proper rave inside the dark walls of Corp. 2012 proves stronger for Resistanz, whilst combining a wealth of industrial acts from all over the world, including Be My Enemy, Grendel, Studio X, Ultraviolence and Icon of Coil amongst others in amongst 15 bands. The underground scene is going loco and packing the weekend full of alternative delights, it’s not one to miss if you fancy a weekend packed full of music enhanced industrialized wholesomeness.

Expect dressing up, expect glowsticks, expect earbleeding deafness and a whole lot of something else.

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