Pete McKee presents… Pub Scrawl

[wide]pubscrawlbanner | Pete McKee presents... Pub Scrawl[/wide]20th January, kick off at 6pm

Seems the humble booze fuelled pub crawl is going high brow thanks to Mr Pete McKee and friends. Showcasing ten of Sheffield’s finest artists and embracing ten local drinking holes, the event aims to host one artist per venue in order to create a masterpiece pertinent to the setting.

Set around a Friday night in Sheffield city centre, venues included in Pub Scrawl are The University Arms, The Harley, The Bath Hotel, The Bowery, The Washington, The Forum, The Frog and Parrot, The Great Gatsby, Bungalows and Bears and Dada’s. With only a hop, skip and a jump away from each venue the challenge is to visit all of them and see one of the hugely talented and extensively diverse artists, that include Nick Deakin, Lord Bunn, Warp Films, Ian Anderson/tDR, Geo, Sarah Abbott, Tado, Faunagraphic, Fine and Dandy and Tom J Newell ply their wares in order to create what could be anything from a simple canvas to may be a jaw dropping work of art.

It is as simple as that; call it a live art exhibition with beer. In fact one of the beers available during the Scrawl will be named after the events itself, as Thornbridge Brewery are sponsors of the event.

Although the guided tours are now fully booked it gives punters the perfect opportunity to discover a few local hostelries that are slightly off the beaten track as well as regular haunts on a typical Friday night.

There are programmes available as to who/what/when/where available from each venue but the artist and venue remains secret until the day of the Scrawl.

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