Music yorkshire at SXSW

[wide]2011 party poster | Music yorkshire at SXSW[/wide]If you’re lucky enough to be heading over to Texas for SXSW this year then you simply must check out the North of England spectacular. Brought about by Music Yorkshire, Plugged In and the Northern Alliance of Generator, Timeless Music Project and Liverpool Sound City, it is simply a top festival line up all held in a day.

Now in it’s third year Music Yorkshire has taken some of the best bands from around the county and showcased them to the fullest. This year is no exception, Northern acts such as the lethal Pulled Apart by Horses, Little Comets, David Thomas Broughton, Dinosaur Pile Up and Viva City are all taking to the stage to play the Yorkshire and North East Party. There are numerous other bands playing at a variety of venues throughout the festival these include Rolo Tomassi, Scars on 45, Tigers That Talked.

It’s a fantasy line up to those who know the scene over in these parts and to coin a phrase ‘there’s something for everyone’.

Northern Day is held on 19th March, if you are there, be there or miss out on one of the most amazing events held at SXSW…probably America’s most influential music conference.

Good luck to all the guys and gals out there…show them how it’s done Northern style.


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