Live Performance Preview: June

The Adventures of Wound Man & Shirley – Studio – 6th June

Wound Man is an unconventional superhero with an alarming assortment of weapons sticking out from every part of his body.

Wound Man has just moved into a house on Shirley’s street — and he happens to have a vacancy for a teenage sidekick…

The Adventures of Wound Man and Shirley, is a funny and touching story about two unlikely friends and the adventures they share.

The Lady in the Van – Lyceum – 6-9th June

Alan Bennett has a very unusual neighbour. Parked at the bottom of his garden is a van with a lady in it.

The lady in the van is Miss Shepherd. Alan knows very little about her. She used to drive ambulances in the war, might have been a nun, sells pencils and pamphlets and has an unexplained aversion to piano music. But somehow she lives in the playwright’s garden, and has done for year.

The Price of Everything – Studio – 9th June

A performance lecture about value

How much is beauty worth? what will people pay for an air guitar on eBay? Can I have a glass of milk?

These urgent questions and others are answered in The Price of Everything, a performance lecture about value. Daniel Bye’s whistle-stop tour of bizarre facts and impassioned arguments is occasionally shambolic and often tendentious – but always a joy to watch.

And you get a free glass of milk.

Much Ado About Nothing – Drama Studio – 13-16th June

The Company are back with one of Shakespeare’s most loved comedies.In sunny Sicily the war is over, but a merry war of words is about to begin. Can Don Pedro get Beatrice and Benedick together or Don John keep Hero and Claudio apart? Crackling with wit and passion, couples spar, villains plot and love blossoms in Shakespeare’s exuberant comedy.

International Student Drama Festival – 22-30th June

The National Student Drama Festival 12 – ISDF (International Student Drama Festival) will feature the best of British work alongside exceptional productions by young people from across the world.

It is a place where the most inspirational work from diverse, young and emerging artists is celebrated and presented alongside workshops from leading professionals from around the world.

UK Visiting Artists include:

Royal Shakespeare Company, London International Festival of Theatre, Old Vic Tunnels, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Menier Chocolate Factory, LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art)

Prometheus Chained – South Street Open-Air Amphitheatre – June 23rd

A new production of the play Prometheus Bound is coming to Sheffield this month as part of the inaugural Sheffield Festival of Ancient Drama. The performance will take place in the new open-air amphitheatre in the renovated South Street Park.

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