Into the Abyss (12A) with Werner Herzog satellite Q & A, Tuesday 27th March: The Showroom

[wide]into the abyss 1 LST094902 | Into the Abyss (12A) with Werner Herzog satellite Q & A, Tuesday 27th March: The Showroom[/wide]On the face of it, Werner Herzog is probably an unlikely candidate to direct documentaries, considering his history of colourful moments and excessive eccentricity. However, throughout his career, Herzog has created an impressive array of factual work. Documentaries such as Land of Silence and Darkness, Grizzly Man, Encounters at the End of the World and Cave of Forgotten Dreams not only highlight his ability as a master film-maker, they show a profound humanity and desire for knowledge. Not only does he exhibit a great understanding of his subject matter, his almost child-like fascination with his subject matter is mesmerising.

His new film, Into the Abyss, is an exploration into why people kill-and why the state kills. Concentrated on a triple-homicide case in Texas, Herzog’s documentary comprises intimate conversations with those involved, including 28-year-old death row inmate Michael Perry, who is due to face the death penalty for his crime a few days after the filming.

“…what rescues ‘Into the Abyss’ from its title is the stubborn individuality of the people it discovers, none of them entirely innocent or utterly evil, all of them vivid and memorable.” – New York Times

“…while ‘Into the Abyss’ is instantly recognizable as a Herzog documentary, it’s anything but typical…. Herzog looks into darkness and sees nothing but shades of gray.” – NPR

Whilst it might be a subject that instantly appeals to many people in this country, I think anyone who has seen any of his documentary work will know what to expect: his unique style could make any subject fascinating. This special preview screening is followed by a satellite Q&A, and let’s faces it; listening to Werner Herzog talk about anything is a pleasure.

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