Forced Entertainment Presents Tomorrow’s Parties

[wide]Forced Entertainment  Hugo Glendinning | Forced Entertainment Presents Tomorrows Parties[/wide] Forced Entertainment started back in 1984, and working from their Sheffield base, they’ve established a strong reputation across Europe and further afield. The group have done this by sustaining a unique artistic partnership for over thirty years, confirming their position as trailblazers in contemporary theatre. Their work incorporates a wide variety of theatrical mediums and artistic interpretations, producing performances which excite, frustrate, challenge, question and entertain.

They bask in a post-modern experimentalism which pushes the boundaries with every production, making them one of the most progressive companies in the UK. Over the years they have maintained a busy touring schedule, confounding, intriguing, dumbfounding and astounding audiences wherever they go.

Their latest show is Tomorrow’s Parties which explores ideas and clichés of hope; drawing on ideas of utopian and dystopian projections, the optimistic stories we tell ourselves and on the pleasures of invention that arise as the work twists and turns in performance. They are defianately one of Sheffield’s best kept secrets and the UK première performances take place at the Crucible on 3rd & 4th October.

For more information, and to book tickets, visit their website. Leave any preconceptions at the door because you’re in for a wholly unique experience.