December Theatre – Sheffield

[wide] 1 | December Theatre   Sheffield[/wide] The Machine – Studio – 4th/5th December

The Machine is a subtle comedy about language, meaning, thought and silence, explored through the deconstruction of Goethe’s poem The Ramblers Lullaby II. An inventive, irreverent and intoxicating linguistic dissection of the poem, the play uses computer programming protocols, randomisation, Beckett, algebra, French, proverbs, Italian, Lewis Caroll, geography, biography, Nietzsche, Napoleon, Schopenhauer, Verlain, Schiller, Rimbaud, Brecht, Dickenson, Neruda, Borges, German, Kirkegaard and KFC to achieve its goal.

Season’s Greetings – Lantern Theatre – 6th-15th December

Alan Ayckbourn’s farcical black comedy follows one dysfunctional family over one very dysfunctional Christmas.

My Fair Lady – Crucible – 13th December – 26th January

On a cold rainy night in Covent Garden, a chance encounter between a flower girl and a professor transforms both their lives forever.

Based on George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, the popular musical is directed by Daniel Evans and stars Dominic West.

A Christmas Carol – Whirlow Hall Farm Barn – 19th December

This is the classic tale of miserly Ebenezer Scrooge as told by The Pantaloons Penny Circus, a rag-tag group of Victorian squawkers, hawkers and porkers. So as well as Dickens’ moving festive fable of redemption, audiences will get to see the dubious magic of the Great Wizardo, the invisible man’s acrobatic display and a fantastic freak show (minus the freaks).

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