August Gig Selection: Sheffield

August is always a funny month for gigs, whilst the rest of the world seem to be in the midst of festival season some of us stay home and carry on regardless, here’s Sheffield’s gig selection for August and there’s plenty of corkers in there…

Kicking off at the Leadmill on August 2nd are Dead Sons, Mike Hughes and Desert Motel Club, whilst over at Shakespeares are Black Thunder Revue, Chris Murphy & Boxer Genius and Dirdsbead.

Friday the 3rd sees something rather special in the form of a ‘Later Without Jools Holland’, which sounds rather delightful. Low Duo are at the helm and accompanying acts include David J Roch, See Emily Play and Pete David (Payroll Union) who will all take turns with the boogie woogies at The Greystones. Also playing on the 3rd are Man Hands, Esoteric Youth, Deathseekers and Woes bringing hardcore to the Audacious Artspace whilst at Dada there’s Frozy, Finnmark! and Skyligers.

Broken Saints celebrate their album launch at The Hop on the 7th support comes from Lauren Faith and Jamie Heawood. Whilst on the 8th Scott and Charlene’s Wedding, Fawn Spots and Pet Rock play TDT HQ. The 10th sees Roger the Mascot at the Leadmill and the wonderful From the Kites of San Quentin at the Riverside.

Back up at The Greystones on the 16th are Boss Caine, Dave Woodcock, Joe Solo & Richard Kitson, whilst the 18th over at West Street Live features The Megadrive Band and Kath Auto.

Heading towards the end of the month, Three Blind Wolves are up at The Greystones on the 22nd, whilst the 23rd sees the Audacious Artspace open its doors for Zs, Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides and Blood Sport. Whilst on the 27th The Be Good Tanyas take over the City Hall and down at Bungalows and Bears on the 28th are Widowspeak. August 30th at the University Arms has the Mudcats Blues Trio and The Blackbirds. The final day of August sees three awesome gigs of different ilk in the form of Dale Storr – New Orleans Big Band, Tom Attah and Red River Rebels at the University Arms, KOG and The All Star Revolution, Jack Athey Quartet, The Velcro Teddy Bears & Moosh at the Leadmill and the mighty That Fucking Tank play Bungalows and Bears with Shields and Firesuite in support.





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