Young British Artists, Let’s Wrestle and The Twilight Sad: Queens Social Club, Sheffield

Any gig put on by Drowned in Sound Events always brings a diverse musical delight, tonight shows no difference for their premier gig of 2012, with the line up of Young British Artists, Lets Wrestle and The Twilight Sad it’s certainly a good start to the proceedings.

The Queens Social Club is probably the best live music venue in Sheffield, but it’s noticeably quiet as Young British Artists take to the stage.  They bang-out a rather pleasant brand of no-nonsense Scottish indie music, in a similar vein to the early days of The Twilight Sad.  Whilst they may not as yet have the songs, they are certainly not lacking the talent.

By the time Let’s Wrestle come on, the venue is beginning to fill up, and the crowd are treated to a display of controlled chaos.  The London trio take the pace up a level, playing through a surprisingly broad range of music, to the delight of the crowd.  Opting more for songs from last year’s album, Nursing Home, their set is warmly received, and the audience is oiled ready for our headliners.

Kicking off with Kill It In The Morning, The Twilight Sad, take to the sparkly stage. Singer James Graham weaves back and forth to Mark Devine’s pounding drum beats as the audience hold on to his every word it seems they’re slightly hypnotised by the bands mere presence. Aside from a few punters who seem to be having some kind of seizure it appears a bit like a zombie army where everyone is stood en masse staring.

Working their way through their back catalogue, embracing tracks from their recently released third album, No-one Can Ever Know, it seems that The Twilight Sad can do no wrong musically. Emotive vocals leave a chill in the air and atmospheric sounds fill the room with tremors, it may be a little too mesmerising. Its all well and good being atmospheric and having a bit of oomph but it seems, tonight at least, The Twilight Sad never quite reached their climax.

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