Yonni, Floating Death Picnic & Chloe-Jade Simmons: Penelopes, Sheffield

Charity starts at home. Or rather, Cancer Research is a charity that really hits home. Cancer affects so many lives which is why tonight’s gig is so important. It’s set to be win-win for everyone as people are entered into a raffle, enjoy some of Sheffield’s hottest talent, raise money for a good cause and may just get a little tipsy along the way.

Accompanied by strumming acoustic guitar, Chloe-Jade Simmons opens with the sassy ‘Conflicted’ before spiralling into sadness with the overwhelming, ‘Ashes’. Beautifully melancholy with repetitive carousel verses, it perfectly captures a mind in turmoil before flowing into a folk-like chorus. ‘Architect’ was another heart-breaker followed by an atmospheric cover of Portishead’s ‘Glory Box’, showing off her stunningly high vocals and sending shivers down spines. New offering ‘October’ is fittingly haunting but saving the best for last, she captivates the audience with, ‘I’ll let you know.’

The first thing that came to mind when watching Floating Death Picnic was, ‘Who is this mentalist?’ Armed with a drumstick, he continued to beat the crap out of a computer keyboard and shook his ass to a dose of drum’n’bass, as you do. ‘The Supertram Song’ is hilarious with its combination of pounding bass, electro sounds and amusing lyrics, ending with the tram announcement, “The next stop by request will be Fitzalan Square.” The verses for ‘Picnic’ sound like a sample of ‘FunkyTown’ before simply declaring, ‘I’m in a picnic kinda mood!’ He then finishes by smashing his broken keyboard into the ground in mock’n’roll fashion. Experimental, comedy infused music.

Looking the part in ruby red Dorothy shoes and leather jacket, Black Cat White Cat’s Angela Basson bursts with strong vocals reminiscent of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s vocalist Karen O. Black Cat White Cat opening song has a bluesy seventies rock feel whilst ‘Lucille’ reveals a softer side with vocals that blend into crying guitars. Yet it is supercharged songs like, ‘Fat Bitch’ and the effortlessly cool single, ‘Fridge’ that really shine through.

After handing out raffle prizes, Yonni send vibrations through the crowd with energetic ‘Freeze The Shot’ followed by the fun and poppy ‘Ghosts’. ‘Bobby D’ is the most danceable with its sixties vibes and playful drums. Hyper front man, Stef Esposito then invites the crowd to think of a song topic, the result being the randomly funny, ‘Yoghurt Knitters’. ‘Last Forever’ is guaranteed to stick in your head forever with its funky, catchy guitar riff whilst songs such as ‘In the Shadows’ and ‘Vertigo’ are more mellow, allowing Stef to flex his range with soft whispering vocals one moment, then bursts of soulful, gravelly yells the next. He then reminds us of what tonight is all about, with a touching acoustic song dedicated to his father. Yonni are certainly a mixed bag. Just when you think you have them pinned to one genre or style they turn everything on its head, finishing with the irresistibly edgy, trip-hop tune, ‘Throw Me a Line’.