Woman’s Hour: The Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds

Woman’s Hour weaved their way onto the stage, positioning themselves between their trademark pyramids which littered the stage in a well-populated Belgrave Music Hall. Dressed predominantly in black, including the laurel on Fiona Burgess’s head, the band proceeded to set about creating an atmospheric set amidst a thick cloud of dry ice.

They opened with ‘Unbroken Sequence’, the opening track from their debut album Conversations. Instantly the pounding drums and driving bass combined with the ethereal, soothing, and hypnotic vocals of Fiona Burgess transport you into a meditative state. The pulsating grooves and enchanting vocals fill the room as they reverberate around it.

Fiona’s delicate, sweet and innocent voice in the first few tracks lead you to believe she is timid, a petal like individual, but during the third song, ‘Her Ghost’, her true personality begins to become evident. As she turns her back on the audience and begins to sway in a way that is unconsciously seductive. she is clearly and strong and confident woman. During the following track her vocals begin to reflect this aspect of her character stepping up a couple of gears and becoming even more passionate and forceful.

Fiona’s precious tones alone are atmospheric and enchanting but backed by some stellar work from the rest of the musicians in the band they create an engrossing atmosphere of heightened anticipation which is simultaneously tense and soothing. This resulted in the crowd not knowing quite which way the set would turn next, the band had the unreserved trust of the audience to lead them in the direction of their choosing.

This trust lead them into a well thought out cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing In The Dark’ perfectly crafted into their own unique style so that it didn’t in anyway seem out of place with the rest of their album tracks. Rarely have I seen an audience so quiet and appreciative, allowing all thoughts to leave their mind as they focused purely on the mesmeric music.

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