Wolf Alice, Superfood and Gengahr: Leadmill, Sheffield

I can feel the residual “Superfood” popping candy crepitating at the back of my tongue as the first support band of the night, Gengahr finish their short but sweet set. ‘Fill My Gums With Blood’ instantaneously arrests my attention with its unnerving yet all the while endearing vampiric lyrics juxtaposed against its laidback melody. There is nothing I love more than getting to a gig early to discover a gem of a support band like Gengahr. Second to perform are the young band Superfood hailed from none other than B-Town. I’m wondering what kind of band is this who overwhelmed everyone upon entering the venue with an over abundance of cherry flavoured candy. The band play a collection of buoyant tunes that get the adolescent crowd at the front of stage immensely hyped-up.

After two riveting performances, Wolf Alice appears onto the small stage. The second, smaller room of Leadmill is being used tonight instead of the main stage. The band begin their set with their new ferocious single ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’, which is also one of their songs from their new EP ‘Creature Songs’. The band follows up with the quick paced opening to ‘She’ that comes along with swiftly sung hooking lyrics, ‘She’s got a boyfriend in a band and they’ve done more than just hold hand/So so quiet, so so pretty/From the country loves the city’. Next, the band introduces ‘Your Loves A Whore’ with the gradual layering of drums and strumming guitar notes before succeeding with ‘You’re A Germ’ and then the significantly mellower ‘Baby Ain’t Made of China’.

After a selective mix of tracks at the beginning of the set, the band begin to play ‘Blush’, Ellie Rowsell’s sugar-glazed voice is layered on top of echo-drenched guitar riffs. After the band reaches its peak with ‘Blush’ Ellie suddenly utters the lyrics ‘The world was on fire and no one could save me but you’. During this point I am stood utterly awestruck from hearing the opening lyrics of my all time favourite guilty pleasure, Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Games’. Nothing can compare to a good old Chris Isaak cover and Ellie’s silky sweet vocals certainly did it justice, just as Molly Hamilton did from Widowspeak and Beck Wood did from Coves.

The band end their set with ‘Bros’, making reference to their feral side as Ellie sings, ‘Are you wild like me/Raised by wolves and other beasts’, lyrics which epitomise the bands Angela Carter inspired name. Finally the band finish their set with a cheeky encore of ‘We’re Not The Same’ and the haphazard ‘Fluffy’.

Sheffield is only one of the first few locations of the bands UK tour as they are set to play in various other cities including Brighton and London. In addition to this their new anticipated EP ‘Creature Songs’ is due to drop on the 26th May. Wold Alice are yet another impressive London based band taking on nineties grunge with a wayward edge.

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