Wet Nuns: The Shakespeare, Sheffield

Wet Nuns return to their home town, fuelled by a whopping dose of Rum and anything else they can get their hands on, to play a seminal set packed full of visceral vocals and deafening drums. The Halloween themed gig sees the place filled with strings of inverted crucifixes, severed feet and peculiar dressed individuals – so no different to any other Wet Nuns show, really.

Upon taking to the stage, the frontman plies the people at the front with swigs of rum, straight from the bottle which already had a fair dent in it. The bearded power-duo get things started with ‘Worms’. Alexis’ showcases his guttural screams as he took lead vocals on the track accompanied by the howling wails of Rob’s guitar.

With its droning lyrics and mighty riffs ‘Don’t Wanna See Your Face..’ has the packed out room banging their heads along in unison. Up next is the explosive ‘Heavens Below’. The demon in DIY denim shorts/hotpants, pounds the drums with ferocity as Rob delivers the lyrics with the same amount of fervour, thrusting his guitar towards the entranced crowd.

As usual, Wet Nuns provide their high-end banter between songs. They take on anyone who dare challenge them- including a pissed-out-of-her-nugget female who poses the question: ‘Why don’t you ever play ‘Throttle’?’ Which of course they do play every single set which Rob makes her well aware of. Ironically, she misses the song when they do play it at the end of their set- she was probably off emptying the contents of her stomach.

When you ask Wet Nuns for an encore, expect to witness: bare flesh, instrument mounting, stage invasions, Rob taking amongst the crowd for a spot of crowd surfing, and general displays of insanity- all in the name of rock ‘n’ roll. This is a band you must see live if given the chance.



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