Vintage Trouble: The Plug, Sheffield

On the spectacular date of 11/11/11, we decided to mosey on down to The Plug in Sheffield to see a band we recently loved at Kendal Calling; Vintage Trouble. This band is currently steaming through a UK tour, recently winning the award for ‘Best New Band’ at The Classic Rock Awards and supporting the likes of Brian May and Bon Jovi. This Los Angeles band caught the eye of Britain after their brow-raising performance on Later with Jools Holland. They are most certainly a band on the rise and blazing to success.

The Plug was packed to the rafters. Good spots were a prize for those who arrived early enough to claim them. However for those who did arrive early, a two hour wait lay in store. With no support, this was admittedly tedious, but well worth it when the precessions were underway.

Ty Taylor walked onto the stage very solemnly, calm and detached from the audience. He stood in silence whilst surrounded by darkness for a few moments – strange considering his lively entrance at Kendal Calling. This tranquillity would be the last of the night, as the band exploded into action. Mixing funk, soul and hard rock, Vintage Trouble creates a sound that is infectious to the body and mind. The mixture of a solid drum beat, harmonious bass line and raw electric guitar creates a feel-good sensation you can’t help but smile along with.

Frontman Ty Taylor is very similar to James Brown; he just has a whole lot of style about him and a great rock and soul persona. He spent the evening spinning, thrusting and even at one point joining the crowd in a dance and sing-a-long. He appears to be a very confident leader of the band and excellent at crowd interaction, making us clap, sing, stomp and rave in erratic fashion. His voice too is of a very high standard, mainly soul but with the rough-edge of rock embedded in there to create an utterly seductive tone.

Notable songs from the night were firstly ‘Jezzebella’, a song Ty simply described as “a song about whores”. This song has a very sexy, strip-tease feel to it whilst also forcing you to clap along to a commanding drum beat. ‘Jezzebella’ would then contrast with another great song of the night, ‘Nancy Lee’. Ty described this song as what he would expect his father to say to his mother if he had the musical talent. This is not as lively as the majority of VT’s set list but that is what made it stand out, it gave a break from the madness and a chance to truly appreciate the band’s musical talent.

All in all, this band lived up to what Ty promised at the beginning at the night, “A non-stop party” where a rippling room danced, jived, bobbed and weaved throughout the entire gig in the presence of rock and soul.

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