Two Wounded Birds and Grouplove: Leadmill, Sheffield

A sell out gig at The Leadmill is always a good thing; tonight the Steel Stage is packed with people ready and bustling about for the musical delights ahead Two Wounded Birds and our headliners, Grouplove.

There seems to be a bit of a theme with Sheffield and birds this weekend with Noel G and his lot playing the Arena and our support tonight, Two Wounded Birds. The Margate foursome have been compared with The Drums in the fact they enthuse that good old fashioned, some may say ‘vintage’ rock and roll sound. I have been told this is a breed of music known as ‘indie surf’.

Frontman Johnny Danger, with his bowl like haircut and his leather jacket doesn’t really fit into the pigeonhole of fifties rock and roll, or even sixties psychedelia. As Two Wounded Birds worm their way through the set list, it’s apparently that they’re influenced by an assortment of genres be it bands, people or films. It’s a bit twisted really but you can’t stop listening.

From sixties vibes, harmonies and riffs, think The Beach Boys without the Californian sunshine, crashing waves, hot sand or mind enhancing drugs through to what sounds like a mash up of The Pretenders Don’t Get Me Wrong and My Chemical Romances’ I’m Not Okay, it was certainly something different if not original.

It’s not often people get overly enthused about a band, it’s safe to say our headliners, Grouplove, seem to have many a fan at the moment. With pop fuelled beats and alluring vocals by lead singer Christian Zucconi assisted by keyboardist Hannah Hooper the audience were led into a euphoric sensation, it’s not surprising really, they are rather lovely.

Playing tracks from their 2010 Grouplove EP and 2011’s album Never Trust A Happy Song, the audience were singing, dancing and generally losing themselves in the jollity being enthused by the band. Songs of the night included Lovely Cup, Colours and the remarkable Tongue Tied.

The L.A. based five piece certainly know how to put on a show. It was happy, it was fun and it left us feeling warm in a big Grouplove hug.

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