Twin Atlantic: Leeds Beckett University, Leeds

Leeds Beckett Student Union was subject to a sold-out night of ‘passion’ and ‘fire’ on a Saturday evening, courtesy of Twin Atlantic.

First to take stage were the effervescent Garage Rock trio, Fangclub – a gang of Dublin dudes consisting of Steven King, Kevin Keane & Dara Coleman. Kickstarting their eight song set with “Bullet Head” from EP with the same title, the lads emitted vibes remnant to those of popular 90s grunge group, Nirvana. Fangclub then treated their audience to hearing the brand spanking new tune, “Dreamcatcher”. This slightly more upbeat, preppy-yet-heavy single is set to take them to new highs and certain to become a crowd favourite over time as the band continue to find their feet.

Leeds natives, Pulled Apart By Horses took their turn in further warming the stage. Having been around since early 2008, the Yorkshire quartet had no trouble feeling right at home and showing their city exactly what they are made of. Seven solid songs later, the band finished their set on old favourite “High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive”.

With more than exceptional sets from both support acts, the venue was already in full-swing, sweaty and thirsty for more. Finally came the moment that everyone had been waiting for. As the lights dimmed, fans cheered and the Glaswegian gang graced the stage, opening their set with “Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator” – the first song from their latest album “GLA”.

Having already whipped their crowd into a frenzy, frontman Sam McTrusty introduced himself and his troupe before ploughing straight into You Are the Devil”, claiming the Union’s stage as his own with prowess and charisma. As the evening progressed, punters of all ages were encouraged to sing along with McTrusty through new releases and older bangers including the likes of “Free” and “Human After All”.

The rest of the band exited and “Crashland” slowed the night down, leaving fans emotional as they belted out the lyrics with a lone McTrusty on stage. With Sam’s overwhelming stage presence and incredible lighting aesthetics setting the mood it was hard not to get choked up, too. Picking up where they had left off, the rest of the ensemble returned to stage with the incredible “Ex El” – a new release with the poignant lyrics “People love / People hate / Tell them I can’t change”.

With an impressive 18 song set Twin Atlantic had no trouble keeping their audience enthralled throughout, and with final song “No Sleep” (very accurately placed) there was no signs of stopping from the audience or band themselves. Flying onto the stage came a large Scottish flag brought in by one of the punters – quickly grabbed by an appreciative McTrusty who wore it with patriotic pride before lunging onto the front barrier, interacting with fans and diving forward into the elated crowd.

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