Transmission, Hospitality Records: Albert Hall, Manchester

Hospitality Records at Manchester Albert Hall

The bass was already on fine ear-splitting form as we entered the historic Albert Hall in Manchester. It was my first visit to the venue and it’s pretty impressive, to say the least. Still a little shabby round the edges, but due a full renovation and grand unveiling within the year (give it a chance!) Albert Hall is already on its way to becoming a prime venue on the Manchester music scene.

Heading up the stairs in to the huge chapel, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Hospital Records & Transmission’s Hospitality night of back to back drum & bass. A confession: it’s my first live drum & bass night, but don’t tell anyone. A typically girly question to friends of what to wear prompted answers of casual wear, flat shoes and pretty much clothes you don’t mind getting covered in sweat, so I was expecting chaos, in a good way.

With only the ground floor of the chapel open for the serious business of dancing, the place was packed out, the music pounding, the beats hard and the vibes exciting. Everyone was up for a good night.

The main chapel itself is an amazing venue for any night of music, but twinned with the huge high ceilings, the ornate organ behind the stage and the amazing light displays.

Krakota was already up on the decks when we arrived, with Inja doing a stirling job of MCing to the crowd jumping in front of the stage. As an MC, Inja just did not stop for at least two hours, his energy and timing was incredible and so good to just watch and listen to. He built the atmosphere, he appreciated the music and he let you appreciate the music, enhanced it even. There were down moments of pure stillness as you let the bass take over and just thump through your veins, he didn’t interrupt or spit any stupid chat over it.

I’m his newest fan. I’ve already ‘liked’ him on Facebook.

Although sad to say goodbye to Inja and co, the excitement was about to grow as High Contrast took to the decks. Being something of a High Contrast fan, this was what I was most looking forward to, but I have to say the new MC (and he had a tough act to follow) just did not match up to the music. The tunes coming from the desks were amazing, the mixing and reloading incredible; but there’s only so many times I can be told to ‘make some noise’ or ‘put my hands up in the air’… they’re already up, dude.

Sets also came from Logistics, Lynx, Fred V & Grafix (another favourite moment) and Rene La Vice among others. A perfect showcase opportunity for Hospital Records portfolio, for sure. Am I starting to sound like a true drum & bass fan yet? Because I sure feel like one after spending an evening in the company of such pros.

Overall, it was a night of pure talent from Hospital Records, raw energy and just general dancing until you drop in a fantastic venue that I can’t wait to go back to after the grand unveiling.

Thank you Albert Hall, Hospital Records and Transmission, it was a pleasure to have you educate me. Here’s to many more similar nights.

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