Theme Park: The Harley, Sheffield

The Harley has a well deserved reputation for putting on quality acts in the early stages of their career, these careers have a tendency to grow into much bigger things, and therefore The Harley can be considered a musical barometer. Tonight was yet more proof that they really know what they are doing when it comes to booking an act. After a delayed start from an evacuation, due to the fire alarm going off, Theme Park set about warming the crowd up after their little trip outside.

From the beginning they showed their natural flare for funky, harmonious rhythms. Throughout the gig the sound levels were perfect, this really showcased lead singer Miles Haughton’s ability to produce vocals that are high pitched yet simultaneously soft and crisp. The first few tracks really highlighted their love of funk and their influences, especially during ‘Jamaica’.

As the band swayed and bobbed in unison, squashed together on the stage, they produced joyously rhythmical music tinged with funk but with a laid back feel. The faint harmonies they create have the potential to be moving and blissful.

The set went up a gear or two when they played ‘Milk’, the keyboard parts were very prominent and upbeat, with influences taken from the world of dance music, they were driving the song and lifting the audience. This was the moment that the crowd really began to move. Theme Park’s tracks vary greatly in tempo but they all induce dancing in different way. The height of crowd movement and expression of joy came when they played their latest single ‘Tonight’.

The final section of the set left the whole audience with broad smiles. ‘Saccades (Lines We Delay)’ began as a soft and beautiful song with ethereal qualities before building into a climactic eruption of funky disco. ‘Two Hours’ proved to be a fitting ending and was received, and played, in a triumphant manner.

Theme Park have received a couple of disappointing reviews for their album, but as far as live performance goes they were flawless.

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