The Twang, Section 60 and Whispering Dolls: DCAS, Chesterfield

Who would have thought the day would come when the Donut Creative Art Studio in Chesterfield played host to The Twang. Hidden away on a cul de sac on the edge of the town centre DCAS is a late sub for the short lived Battery Bar and despite its fine décor and ample stage the brummie headliners are less than pleased about their surroundings, which they refer to unkindly as a scout hut and berate the sound engineer as soon as they take the stage.

From the punters side, apart from strangely a queue at the gents whilst the ladies had no such delays, all was well. Support came via two Sheffield bands; Section 60 whose solid set of rock anthems surprisingly only drew a luke warm reception from the well populated room. Some haunting guitar riffs with the two axemen Addy and Smit alternating lead caught the ear, North Will Rise Again the pick of a good 25 minutes.

Next up Whispering Dolls a powerhouse trio from the ashes of Dead Delta delivered a high tempo set that had the crowd cheering. Singer Joe strutting his stuff and hitting the spot with some great rock vocals and coupled with a booming guitar from Danny and drummer Tom laying the percussive foundations they have some great songs, The Pain Will Subside the possible highlight.

The Twang, formed 11 years ago, sold over 200,000 copies of their debut album Love It When I Feel Like This which was released in 2007 and charted at number 3. Since then they have struggled to maintain that success in terms of record sales but live they create the ultimate party vibe and tonight despite the moans from main man Phil the audience lapped it up right from opener Ice Cream Sundae with a mass of bouncing bodies and pumping arms.

Barney Rubble from second album Jewellery Quarter kept up the momentum with only Paradise temporarily stilling the crowd. Two Lovers and Wide Awake stoke up the fires again before they leave the stage, and despite being a little reluctant to encore they do return. I half expected Keep The Campfires Burning but as always Cloudy Room closes another memorable evening with The Twang.

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