The Ratells: O2 Academy Sheffield

The Ratells; at a young 16 years of age, the band have managed to over come the stress of GCSE’s whilst focusing on their sell out sound clash gig at Sheffield’s O2 academy, which they were headlining. With three excellent bands playing prior to them, screaming girls in the audience and merchandise selling fast, they needed to play brilliantly. The first band to play that night was Stay for the Season, another adolescent formed band.

They were one of those bands that got better with the more songs they played. The songs performed became more upbeat to further please and excite the anxiously awaiting crowd. No bum notes, no horrendous screeches to pierce the ears, no problemo.

The legion were second to play and also in their teen years. They, unlike most bands, had two leading vocals, and why ever not? Every band aims to have that different edge. They have superb raw lyrics injected into lively melodies.

Jack and the Beanstalk were, “very cool” sounding. I think it’s due to the different if not slightly quirky vocal techniques. They combined a classic indie/alternative sound with ‘screamo’ backing vocals, a risky choice, but the outcome was fantastic. After this list of terrific bands, The Ratells were up. It was their time to prove themselves. Their lyrics were simple and effective genius shared with the erratic burst of an austere solo. Everything about them relates to their age, their already adoring fans and the Sheffield music scene.

When I asked them about their influences they said “Sheffield’s unsigned bands”. Their Northern roots were evidently important to them even their name has been “Yorkshired up a bit”. In all, you lot reading this need to get to one of their gigs, you’ll be extremely surprised.

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