The Legion/Kartica: Sheffield Plug

Another day, another Soundclash gig. First on were The Legion, a band sporting a member as young as 14, so for a group that’s appeared in soundclash on several occasions, these teens must have something up their sleeves. I soon found out with crisp careering beats and two vocals that correspond with the drums singing witty lyrics that reflect on their teenage lives, so they would clearly appeal to the adolescent audience which massively helps support live music everywhere. Then there’s two guitars weaving together to create solid and catchy riffs and occasionally joining the two lead singers with punchy backing vocals. And finally a bass, to further add to the harmony of the guitars. After a riveting 5 minutes or so, it seemed that they had pumped the crowd a little too much and the lads ended up with a stage invasion which had them “shitting” themselves. Not surprised though, the amount of people on that stage, have you ever been to the Plug? It’s tiny! Yet the drums and bass, through this wall of people could still be heard and they were, surprisingly still in time, let alone still playing. It’s a pity I didn’t catch their faces, I bet they were a picture.

Next one was a band I’ve never seen before called Kartica, to me, some of the stuff sounded heavily 90’s influenced, sort of like early Radiohead. They were slightly stationary, but the music they kicked out was insane. Scratchy guitars to harden the soft sounding vocals and a tough deep drum beat to add to the effect. Some songs were heavier and stronger that the Radiohead sound, clearly going into their own blast. I recommend going to see both these bands them, you’ll be uplifted by the energetic and blatant youthful vibe that the Legions emit and mesmerised by the music of Kartica.

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