The Head and the Heart, Paul Thomas Saunders and Pocket Satellite: The Harley, Sheffield

There must be something in the water at the moment, everything is sounding rather sweet and appearing rather nice. There appears to be a lot of jumping, smiling and it’s all encased in a huge vat of music. Tuesday night at The Harley proved no exception, a well planned line up promised a heap of treats.

Opening with the stirring sounds of a violin to Toy Train, Pocket Satellite started the evening off. Sounding quite dramatic it turned into something rather delightful. Pocket Satellite simply have the ability make you smile. The vocals between Maya and Carl provide uplifting harmonies and surrounded by a plethora of instruments each played by various members of the band. It’s not often you see a drummer on the violin or a keyboardist with a double bass. Pocket Satellite are a band who truly enjoy playing live,  their set evolved going from track to track included  Parachute and as Maya put it ’the cheesy song’, Windows . The crowd enjoyed and participated as it should with fondness, contentment and smiles all round.

Paul Thomas Saunders had taken a short trip down the road for Leeds to join us tonight. A singer songwriter with an amazing voice appeared to make the crowd come to a standstill and simply watch in awe. Appointment in Samarra was definitely a standout track. His lyrics have a way of penetrating every pore of your body, haunting you with his vocals and embracing with the magic that Saunders is able to create through music alone. Entranced by a very emotive set it was something very wonderful indeed.

Our headliners for tonight, The Head and the Heart, a six-piece Americana band from Seattle who at the moment are touring the UK. Fusing folk, simple beats, jazz vibes and melodies there’s a huge energy around them.  Racing from track to track they simply love to play, from upbeat to more heartfelt tracks, they narrate their way through tales of goings on. Down in the Valley and Ghosts were two stand out tracks of the night.

It seems people can’t get enough of the sounds of Americana at the moment, maybe it’s the music but I have a feeling it could be something to do with the beards or maybe that’s just me?!

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