The Duke Spirit: Manchester Academy

We slipped, shivered and slid into the Manchester Academy as the cold weather outside made the audience’s breath visible by the stage lights inside.

Counterfeit was out tonight to watch ‘The Duke Spirit’ who are currently touring the U.K. as support to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Unfortunately for them they were given the very early stage time of 7.45, which coincided with the audience only just arriving. Thankfully this was put back 15 minutes so that a few more souls could muster the much-needed Sunday night motivation to move towards the stage area from the bar.

The Duke Spirit confidently strolled on stage to ‘I Believe’ from their previous album ‘Neptune’ and proceeded to treat a relatively small but enthusiastic crowd to an energy fused 30 minute set. Singer Leila Moss was confident throughout, admirably commanding the stage like a young Siouxsie Sioux or Karen O. Her stage presence was mesmerizing whether she was clutching her microphone, one foot on monitor during new song ‘Procession’ or when sat behind her piano for another new song ‘Villain’.

There were many highlights to remember from tonight’s performance of mainly new material, ‘Everybody’s Under Your Spell’ and ‘Northbound’ shone brightest, both were appreciatively received and feature on the soon to be released Kusama E.P. The set ended with the frenzied euphoria of ‘Lion Rip’ just as the crowd began to reach the numbers that tonight’s performance ultimately deserved.

If only as many had been there to greet them as there were to applaud them off.

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