The Cribs: Leeds O2 Academy

Slap in the middle of their October tour dates, the Cribs returned to their native Yorkshire bringing along with them recent addition and Mancunian Jonny Marr. First on the bill were NYC pop/rockers Lissy Trullie who impressed the crowd with tracks from their EP ‘Self Taught learner’ including their single ‘Boy, Boy’ and a fantastic cover of Hot Chip ‘Ready for the Floor’.

Fellow New Yorker, Mouldy Peaches front man Adam Green provided the second support set and enthralled the audience with his tales of the toilet facilities in Leeds McDonalds, an ode to Jessica Simpson and then joining the crowd for ‘Emily’

The Cribs swaggered on stage after a wait filled with 80s love songs and a rain shower of beer. Steve Lamaq show debuted‘ We were aborted’ was instantly recognisable with the crowd singing along to every word, this was the same for every song played. ‘Hey Scenesters’ quickly followed much to the delight of the fans with front of stage a sea of jumping and chanting people. ‘Another Number’ was a highlight with euphoric singing to a level that led the band to express their thanks to the crowd and and a raucous ‘Our Bovine Public’ prompted a public service announcement from Jarmin that stage diving was allowed leading to a surge of bodies towards the front and missiles that landed on the stage being lobbed back by the band.

Calmer moments included a poignant dedication to home city Wakefield in ‘I’ve tried everything’. New tracks such as ‘Hari Kari’, ‘We share the same skies’ (the second single from the album) and ‘Last year’s snow’ were impressive and focused the more packaged, tighter sound that Johnny Marr has brought to the band with dreamy lights and graphics to add to the poppier sound. ‘Men’s Needs’ and ‘Mirror Kissers’ were immense and showed The Cribs are still as exciting as they were as a three piece with Marr enhancing the sound of the band rather than constraining it.

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