The Crave/Tiger Please: Corporation Sheffield

A healthy sized crowd in the smaller room at Corp greeted Brighton rockers The Crave at the start of their 19 date tour. After a storming 2010 when they supported the likes of U.S. giants Shinedown and the legendary Deep Purple and played top fests Download and Sonisphere, the 2011 launch of debut album Breaking The Silence via this tour sets the year up for Ryan Burnett and the gang.

Tonight could have been very different after The Crave tour bus broke down yesterday in their hometown so a hired van and car was hastily arranged to get them here, some opening to their tour!

Supporting tonight were Welsh quartet Tiger Please who played some wall shaking rock with eccentric lead vocalist Leon Stanford adorned with suede waistcoat and scarf delivering some fine edgy lyrics. Fresh from their own high profile festival appearances last year they intriguingly made an ep with four seasonal themes, the pick of which was Winter And The Storyteller. Guitarists Luc and Tyla both playing most of Light And Sounds using only the fret board was a sight to behold, and the melancholic Life Goes On an excellent closer.

The Crave are worthy headliners and as they take the stage the crowd moves as one to the front, the volume goes up 10db and their dynamic stage show begins. Thundering guitars backed by a booming rhythm section.

deliver a great set of anthemic rock, with stand outs like lightening paced Something Beautiful and Way Of The World, ideal for radio play, then some more thoughtful atmospheric numbers like Spinning Wheel are thrown into the mix. Carlos Garcia, a Nicky Wire lookalike, provides some lusty guitar riffs and has great stage presence but lead vocalist Ryan grabs the plaudits and the crowd by the throat with his aggressive ‘in your face’ performance.

The one hour set whizzed by and the crowd left still yearning for more.

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