The Big Moon: Trades Club, Hebden Bridge

Trades Club, a small venue with a huge reputation, in the picturesque town of Hebden Bridge hosted two acts with blossoming reputations. The cosy room is heaving with fans of varying ages, all eager to see The Big Moon and their support act Get Inuit. The heat in the room and the proximity of the bustling crowd, both to each other and to the stage, adds to the warm and intimate feeling of the venue, and the evening, providing the perfect contrast to the cold, wet, dark, windy, and isolated setting of the weather and surroundings outside.

The proceedings begin with an energetic and upbeat set from Get Inuit. They are a quirky bundle of kinetic energy as their exuberance fizzes from them and they begin to fire up the crowd. Both during and between tracks, they display a great deal of personality as the audience are instantly endeared to them. Their fusion of commercial Indie and thrashing guitars, geeky and cool, quirks and relatable, makes them the kind of act that are capable of catching the attention of everyone in attendance. A frantic set ends with a flurry of energy as they triumphantly complete their obligation of warming the crowd up.

With the atmosphere and anticipation now palpable The Big Moon entered the stage. Like Trades Club, The Big Moon are also currently relatively small but they are vastly gaining a massive reputation. Other similarities betwixt band and venue become apparent early on. The room is intimate and warming, as is the bond, mutual appreciation, and adoration between the act and their fans. There is also a sense of community that comes with being involved with something that isn’t widely known about, this applies to both parties, but with The Big Moon recently receiving a Mercury Music Prize nomination and the venue regularly receiving glowing praise the membership to both exclusive clubs is surely set to soar.

From the moment their entrance music, “Millennium” by Robbie Williams, played and they stepped out onto the stage for their biggest tour to date, The Big Moon seemed to be enjoying themselves just as much as those in attendance were. Playing with smiles on their faces and joking between themselves and with the crowd, it was a joy to watch these musicians enjoying their trade to such an extent. Despite the phenomenal heat being generated in the room the band thrashed out a high energy, and thoroughly impressive set. Each member’s vocals and live performance were flawless and intensely engaging. Highlights included “Nothing Without You”, “Formidable” and “Sucker” as well as a cover of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of The Heart” which induced a rousing audience sing-a-long. The only negative from the evening was the realisation, upon leaving, that The Big Moon’s trajectory probably means that they probably won’t be returning to intimate venues like this for a long time.

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