Temple Songs, Alaska and L’Amour Des Rêves: The Bell Jar, Sheffield

A cosy little green-lit corner makes the stage in the intimate venue that is The Bell Jar. The support of the night comes from Sheffield pop group, L’Amour Des Rêves and Leeds garage rock band with a psych-pop twist, Alaska. As tame as the audience might be, they were undoubtedly left in a jovial state after Alaska’s magnetic and highly energetic set.

Temple Songs set the scene with the opening jaunty track ‘I Can’t Look After you’. Using this song to establish their signature sound they waste no time in segueing into their new single, and perhaps their best track yet, ‘Point of Origin’, a kaleidoscopic infusion of psychedelic pop that leaves us wanting more. Their budding sound has undoubtedly flourished into this new single.

The band follows up with one of the accompanying B-sides to their new single, ‘Broader Klang’. This short track is a palpable demonstration of that early Beatles-esque sound that they have so often been compared to. The song begins with a compelling short sequence of heavy guitar notes that reoccurs throughout, which makes for a catchy rhythmic pattern. This riff is followed by an overflow of lively drums and lead singer, Jolan Lewis’s, vibrant vocals layered in between.

Half way through the set the band show off their surf pop vibes with ‘Magick With A K’. The drums pummel down and fellow band mates join in with the vocals for some summery harmonies. Next the band turn the volume up a notch with a pounding performance of ‘Exactly The Same’, the rustle makes for a more rousing atmosphere as the audience join in with a little swaying and nodding here and there.

Slowing the pace down, the band performs the deliciously chilled out track, ‘I’ll Be Just Fine’, another summery surf song that brings The Beach Boys to mind. This tune proves to be a significantly mellower one compared to the majority of their other songs and their succeeding live performance of ‘Passed Caring’. No doubt that ‘Passed Caring’ is one of their most popular songs, with its looping guitar riffs and hyperactive melody. Winding up their set with a Technicolour bang, the band put their instruments together to perform a perpetually playful myriad of sounds.

Temple Songs gave a wide-ranging performance of a culmination of colourful songs. With their new single, ‘Point of Origin’ released this month and a few more cities to visit on their tour, we should expect to be seeing and hearing a lot more from them later this year. And what can I say, this quartet bands haphazard lo fi sound is undeniably infectious.

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