TEED: Warehouse Project, Manchester

Going to the Warehouse Project is always a treat for me, a yearly outing, where I lose myself in the amazing variety of acts and sounds that are available on any given night. This year the Halloween Special was curated by TEED along with a huge lineup including Mosca, The 2 Bears, Matias Aguayo and Drop the Mustard.

Starting off the night in the smaller rooms in preparation for TEED, I found it hard to leave. The baselines from Mosca were incredible, with a few older favourites peppered in there for good measure. Lighting and visual effects are a big part of the new Warehouse Project venue, they’ve really made vast improvements on the last venue’s tech. Entire walls are now covered in screens and projections, you can’t escape it.

Into the main room I caught most of the set by Matias Aguayo, in a rather fetching pair of silver trousers, playing the most sublime tech-funk-electronica. The thing about Matias is that he also sings over his DJ sets, or uses his voice as an extra instrument. It was amazing to watch him lead the vocals over some of the more minimal tracks and run between the decks and the front of the stage.

TEED is arguably one of the hottest electro artists of the year, and tonight he really didn’t disappoint. Upbeat, pounding, melodic, sincere, soft and sparkly. The set resembled much of the current album but mixed and changed enough to provide a unique show. Those who have loved songs like ‘Garden’ and ‘Your Love’ should go see a live show, there is something totally different about the experience of seeing an act like TEED live that you just can’t get from the album.

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