Sylosis, While She Sleeps, Bleed From Within & Anterior: Corporation, Sheffield

Corp’s smaller room was the venue for tonight’s Metal Hammer Razor Tour show, with the majority of the audience in their teens it was inevitably going to be a lively gig from the outset.

First on were melodic death metal band Anterior, a Welsh five piece, whose whole set was really tight and featured some very technical yet note perfect duelling from Leon Kemp and Steve Nixon and powerful drumming by James Cook. Whilst bassist James Britton seemed more comfortable at the back of the stage but the rest of band were having none of that and had  a much greater stage presence getting the crowd into the mood for much synchronised head banging.

Some of Glasgow’s finest, heavy metal band Bleed From Within, another five piece, were up next and from the moment they hit the stage they whipped the crowd up into a frenzy which meant a very active moshpit throughout their entire set.

Vocalist Scott Kennedy has crowd interaction comparable to that of a pro, frequently offering the mic to the crowd, and spending the majority of the set on the speakers at the front leaning into the throng as well as enjoying a crowd surf or two.
You would not have been able to tell that Martyn Evans was standing in for the previous guitarist who had left the band just prior to this tour. Overall Scott, Martyn, Ali, Craig and Davie put on a fantastic show, which could easily have headlined this venue and are definitely one to watch out for this year!!

Lawrence Taylor from While she sleeps joined the band on stage and added some vocals on the set closer.

Local heros, While She Sleeps, the Sheffield based metal hardcore 5-piece were welcomed on stage by open arms and metal horns raised high, from a room which was now bursting with hot and sweaty bodies. The moshpit is again in full flow from the start and eventually fills the entire room, only those stood to by the bar being safe from flailing limbs and bouncing bodies!
The band had entered the stage to a melodic piano intro which was goose bump inducing and being on home turf much of the crowd were singing along, especially when invited by Lawrence offering the mic to the crowd.

One brave or maybe stupid guy somersaulted off the stage into the crowd, luckily there were many hands to catch him! The North Stands for Nothing was a highlight for many in the crowd who as vocalists on this one were word perfect. A deafening send-off marked the end of a wonderful set, and a top night, with the headliners still to come.

Enter Sylosis, a four piece prog thrash metal band from Reading, who came on to applause from slightly older audience, the teen scene kids now flagging a bit.

From start to finish Josh Middleton delivered impressive vocals which have a unique edge to them, being guttural yet decipherable screams as well as delivering at the same time technical guitar solos both faultlessly and with ease. The whole band’s stage presence was impressive and their heavy riff and vocals combined with melodic fretwork initiated a few circle pits keeping the security busy! A few songs from their upcoming album Edge of the Earth added yet more interest to their set, and they left the stage with the audience still wanting more!

All in all an awesome night of metal, which would almost certainly have seen a larger turnout had it have been in the main room, maybe next time!

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