Stop! Drop! Roll! & others: Sheffield Leadmill

Retrospectives played some excellent music; I’d even go as far as to say they’ve found their own “style”. They’re clearly inspired by the northern indie scene that pretty much motivates every other band in Sheffield. Don’t get me wrong though, they don’t blend in with the crowd of kooks wannabes. They have a little more to them.

New drama were next on, I liked their own stuff, it was all upbeat and caused an eruption of energy in the crowd. However, they did have a slightly cheesy on stage persona, forcing a happy birthday upon everyone to sing, as per usual, out of tune. They then went on to play Jet’s ‘Are You Gonna be my Girl’. The guitar met Jet’s sound perfectly, as did everything else, except the vocals. But, really what does that matter? No two bands can sound the same, not even ABCD and ACDC, and surely a new band should strive to discover their own sound?

Stop! Drop! Roll! Headlined and closed the night, after recently making slight adaptations to the band they sounded cool. The synth just pulled them back from the dangerous border of ‘emo’ music that tries to be a lot tougher sounding then what it actually is, and gave it an edgier feel, but soft enough to get the crowd dancing.

In all, the bands filled the Leadmill for all the right reasons. Just make sure its not a birthday party next time.

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