Steve Edwards & The Big Strong Love, Dead Like Harry & Cats:For:Peru: SOYO, Sheffield

SOYO Live really is the place to be on a Monday night. Week in week out there’s plenty of talent to see, hear and absorb yourself in, it banishes the start of the week blues and puts you in the right frame of mind to enjoy rather than endure the rest of the week. Joining forces with Sheffield Scenester for this night, the line up was eclectic for a start and is a sure fire way to use the saying ‘there is something for everyone’.

With a strong and varied line up Cats:For:Peru kicked the night off for us. Seemingly eclectic in their ways seem to be bouncing back from a bit of time in the wilderness. Bounding noises, melodic beats and screaming vocals seem to fit perfect with the soaring temperature within the venue. It was a little bit like being led into a storm that embraces you with noise and crashes in and out it’s quite stirring and emotional and seemingly over in the blink of an eye. Despite the dramatic sounds Cats:For:Peru provide a lustre of lyrics that show a narrative on occurrences, it’s rather spell bounding.

Dead Like Harry, akin to Cats:For:Peru have been on the scene for a while but haven’t been around much recently. Having never shown their true potential since the critically acclaimed ‘When We Were Seventeen’, this performance shows they are back to prove what they haven’t lost what they started out with just over a year ago. It’s easy to say they’re a bit like a Glee-esque band, as they come across as poppy and sugar coated. It’s also safe to say they are talented, energetic and certainly not manufactured. It’s a boy/girl thing here, with songs of life and loves, it simply makes you smile.

Steve Edwards and The Big Strong Love are bringing the music back to the people. It’s not about politics it’s about the people. It’s soul, it’s ska, it’s reggae, it’s wonderful. Rife with beats and horns, Steve Edwards and his amazing voice goes from song to song with a smile that you could simply fall in love with. It’s hard not to simply stand there and watch, you simply want to be involved. Stand out tracks from his set were Pure Gold and a laid back reggae version of his amazing dance track World Hold On. The whole place was uplifted by the love, the big strong love.

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