Spring King: The Wardrobe, Leeds

A capacity audience, which varied in age more than you might expect, gathered at The Wardrobe in Leeds for the arrival of Spring King. Before the headliners arrived all in attendance were treated to fantastic support sets from Get Inuit and The Magic Gang.

Get Inuit were the first act charged with warming up the crowd, and they certainly fulfilled that brief. Treading the line between pop and rock Get Inuit produce commercial indie in a similar mould to The Hunna. It was a quirky, energetic, set full of personality, the younger elements of the audience lapped it up. As the set progresses, and they played their latest single “Teriyaki!”, it struck me that they seem to be a modern interpretation of The Beach Boys. They posses that same energy and they even have a similar surfer vibe to their tracks.

With the crowd now undeniably warmed up it was the turn of The Magic Gang to really get them going, judging by the moshpit by the end of their set they definitely achieved that. From the moment they opened with “Lady, Please” there was a noticeable air of excitement in the room. They combined a very relaxed, nonchalant, nature with exciting busts of energy as their set built towards a big finale. As they closed with the rousing “No Fun” the moshing became rather boisterous and they left the stage to a chorus of appreciative and loving cheers.

The anticipation was now as high as could be for the arrival of headliners Spring King. Over the duration of their high-octane set they treated the fans to new and old material, this was displayed right from the beginning when they opened with “Better Man” before going straight into “Detriot” from their recent album “Tell Me If You Like To”. The visible representation of Spring King’s wide ranging appeal was interesting, and satisfying, to witness during “Detriot”. The younger members of the congregation were down at the front throwing themselves around and punching the air, while the slightly older members were around the outskirts bouncing on the spot and passionately singing along. During “Tell Me If You Like To” the youthful exuberance exhibited in front of the stage boiled over into fans crashing onto the stage, then stage diving back into the masses and crowd surfing.

By the mid-set point, and one of many highlights of a flawless set, “It’s So Dark” the excitement levels in the room were off the chart. It was at this point that Spring King showed that they are not just fantastic, incredibly energetic, and compelling performers but they are also humble and warm human beings. They had constantly praised the audience throughout but they also displayed genuine concern for their fans, making sure the moshers at the front were hydrated by security, checking on the welfare of individuals who they had noticed falling and regularly reminding the crowd to look after each other whilst they have fun.

It wasn’t just the audience who were having fun, Spring King seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves as they expelled a ridiculous amount of energy in a tight and uplifting performance. The following words are not ones which I use lightly, but this was undoubtedly the best gig I have been to this year.

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