Slow Club: Moho Manchester

Everyone turned in unison for the opening chords of ‘Wild Blue Milk’ as Slow Club entered Moho from the rear of the venue making their way towards the stage. They proceeded to play the song in its entirety in front of the stage barrier as the crowd around them formed an almost protective like circle as those at the back pushed forward for a better view. The audience proceed to then quickly part so to reveal a path to the stage where Charles Watson (vocals, guitar) and Rebecca Taylor (vocals, guitar, percussion) launched into ‘Giving Up On Love’ from their recently release debut album ‘Oh Yeah’.

Slow Club are an alternative, folk band who tonight gave a joyful performance full of sweet vocals and charming melodies, with sometimes soothing, sometimes brash guitars backed by the constantly intriguing percussion of glass bottles, a chair and the occasional drum. Reminiscent of The White Stripes and Rilo Kiley, their songs with themes of age, love and relationships grab your attention and then it is impossible to drift away.

In a set full of highlights it can at times be somewhat difficult to name but a few songs and feel almost lazy not to mention the entire set list but ‘Dance To The Morning Light’, ‘Apples And Pairs’, ‘Because We’re Dead’, ‘Sorry About The Doom ‘ and ‘Come On Youth’ all had that something extra tonight. Following on from the refreshingly different beginning to the evening, the last song of tonight performance ‘Christmas T.V.’ was played outside in the Moho car park, where even the rain couldn’t turn the smiles as both band and audience looked to have enjoyed themselves immensely.

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