Slow Club: Band On The Wall, Manchester

Winding over the Snake Pass to see Sheffield’s very own Slow Club in Manchester I began to contemplate when it was that I first saw Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor play live, it was in fact way back in 2008 at the Latitude Festival on the Sunrise Stage when they were just a 2-piece, since then a bassist and drummer have been added and numerous gigs for me have followed, once more at Latitude, twice at Tramlines, then at Gorilla and the sadly gone Moho, so you could say that I have a few reference points from which to compare tonight’s performance.

Charles and Rebecca bound on stage, band in tow at 8.35pm and begin with ‘Come On Poet’ from their recently released fourth album “One Day All Of This Won’t Matter Anymore”. Each album was represented tonight at a sold out Band On The Wall.

Rebecca described third song of the night ‘Tears Of Joy’ from third album “Complete Surrender” as one from the vaults, personally it would have been nice to hear an even earlier track such as ‘Let’s Fall Back In Love’ but I suppose they can’t play everything and ’Our Most Brilliant Friends’ from first album ‘Yeah So’ was very welcomed and well received.

New song ‘Rebecca Casanova’ was a particular highlight of the night with Rebecca showing off her powerful vocal chords. Charles and Rebecca’s individual songs when they got the chance to shine on their own were equally impressive. Although some audience members could have shown a bit more respect and kept quiet during ‘Sweetest Grape On The Vine’. Charles thanked a man who had shouted shut up to the chatterboxes after he had finished; Rebecca was a bit luckier and shown more attention during ‘Not Mine To Love’. A rather sexist showing from the drunken few and as Rebecca has the more powerful voice it made the noise all the more irritating.

‘Tattoo Of The King’, another song from their new album saw Rebecca take place behind the drum kit, a feat she performed admirably well, although I did wonder why she didn’t repeat this for ‘Two Cousins’ the first song of their encore, as Charles and Rebecca performed this without the rest of the band.

Final song ‘Suffering You, Suffering Me’ must have been the only song that some people had paid to hear tonight as at last everyone was now listening and looked to be enjoying themselves, it’s just a pity that it took them so long as they would have undoubtedly annoyed more people than me and missed a thoroughly enjoyed gig.

On tonight’s performance Slow Club deserve to be playing larger venues than Manchester’s Band On The Wall, perhaps Simon Rimmer who was here tonight could get them back on Sunday Brunch for a bit more exposure. Or maybe Julie Hesmondhalgh (Hayley from Coronation Street) who was also here could get them played on her next TV show.

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