Sheffield Gig Selection 19th-25th September

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This week sees the return/arrival of Sheffield’s student population. I believe its Fresher’s this week so expect carnage™.

Metronomy on Thursday 22nd September at The Leadmill

“I told you how long we’ve got. All the time in the world…”  Metronomy are back in Sheffield and in a very different guise. Starting out as a bedroom project in deepest, darkest Devon, Joseph Mounts’ Metronomy have gone through several different incarnations. Joe moved to Brighton, enlisted Gabriel and Oscar, and they released their début album which was a marvellous jamboree of instrumental electronic music. Their second album, Nights Out saw the introduction of vocals and had much more of pop feel.    In 2011 they released English Riviera, Gabriel left, and they recruited two more members (most notably a live drummer). Their act has evolved from 3 men in jump-suits with flashing badges, to a fully formed life pop-electro band. The Mercury Music nominees take to the stage after what has been a great year for them.

Metronomy-The Look

Three Trapped Tigers, Seams & Cobrafist on Monday 19th September @ The Harley.

You may have been fortune to catch them playing the New Music Stage at Tramlines, but seeing them in a smaller venue is a whole different ballgame. The London instrumental noise outfit (is post-electronic a genre?) have moved on from EPs with numbered songs to a full grown-up proper LP. They have upped their game impressively. The Quietus described them as “Inspector Gadget-drummed rock”, and I like this description. An intricate, technically-gifted and frenetic madhouse if I’ve ever seen one. Well worth £5 of anyone’s money.

Three Trapped Tigers-Cramm

Is Tropical, Abe & Shake Aletti (dj set) on Saturday 24th September at  The Harley

Is Tropical are a 3 lads from London who are seemingly a tad shy. They describe their sound as “bass heavy, beat driven, pop-influenced lo-fi dance music”. It’s quite an unique blend that defies genre conventions. However, they live up to their name with definite tropical influences. Their music has gradually become more accessible and they have made my favourite music video of 2011 so far (see link below). Abe are Sheffield’s very own slice of something new and alternative, sounding like Animal Collective on temazepam.

Small Ideas: Algiers, Drenge, Killington Fall & Cult Image on Wednesday 21st September at The Harley

Small Ideas are back after the summer break with a fresher’s party where everyone can be involved. Algiers are my favourite new Sheffield band at the moment, and they just get better every time I see them. Never mind ear plugs, this line-up might blow your ears off!

Have a great one; avoid the flyers, free shots of death, and vomit!

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